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Comprehensive Motor Insurance
  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance
  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance
  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance
UFA offers great services and provides excellent coverage and benefits in terms of car insurance. So why don’t you benefit from Motor All Risks Insurance with UFA?

1. Basic Cover

  • Third Party Liability:
    - Material Damage
    - Bodily Injury
  • Own Damage due to an accident
  • Fire to the Insured’s vehicle
  • Theft to the Insured’s vehicle
  • Bodily Injury to non paid driver and passengers not falling under Obligatory Insurance
  • 24 hours 7 days a week free road assistance program
  • 24 hours 7 days a week immediate call center.

2. Optional Covers

  • Hold-Up: Hold-Up or attempt Hold-Up
  • Airbags, Sensors and car display
  • No depreciation on Spare Parts: in case of a covered claim, depreciation is not applicable on the value of the new genuine Spare Parts
  • Replacement Car: UFA provides US$ 25,- daily indemnity, representing the cost of a car rental during the period of repairs, when such repairs are due to an indemnifiable accident.
  • The maximum period of rental will not exceed 13 days following a covered occurrence subject to 3 days deductible
  • Registration Fees: following a covered Total Loss claim to the Insured’s vehicle, UFA will pay additional cost up to 7.5% of the car value
  • Agency Repairs: UFA will repair the Insured’s vehicle at the dealer’s workshop for brand new models.